W ü r z b u r g

6 luglio 2009 



Maurizio Barbetti, viola

Francesco Cuoghi, guitar and live electronics


I° Half



Karlheinz Stockhausen       Spiral (1968) for a soloist with short-wave receiver
version for short-wave receiver, guitar and electronic


Gerhard Stäbler              Internetx2/Scrap (2000-2001/2008)

for viola, guitar  and tape


Anne Sedes                 Piece n. 2 (1991-92) 

for guitar and computer



Eckart Beinke                          Colpo d'ala  (2009)

                                               per viola  e  chitarra (I° performance Germany)




II° Half


Salvatore Sciarrino            Ai limiti della notte (1979) 

                                                 (for solo viola)

 Bruno Maderna                 Y despues(1971)

                                                 for chitarra a 10 corde

Luciano Berio                          Naturale  (1985-86)

                                               (extract for viola and tape)

Klaus  Stahmer                     One stops searching. one grows silent  (2009)

                                                 chitarra e viola (prima esecuzione)      



Viola: Gasparo da Salo’ by Michael Blaurock

Guitars: Alan Wilcox and midi guitar (rmc poly drive IV)

 iMac, M Audio, Axon AX 100

Csound, Max/MSP/Jitter and Native Instruments