5 LUGLIO 2009

Maurizio Barbetti, viola

Francesco Cuoghi, guitar and live electronics




Karlheinz Stockhausen           Spiral (1968) for a soloist with short-wave receiver
       version for short-wave receiver, guitar and electronic

Eckart Beinke                 Colpo d’ala (2008)
                                                    for viola, electric guitar and tape

Emanuel Dimas Pimenta           Mat (2009)
                                                 for viola and guitar (first world performance)

Klaus  Stahmer               Those who are gone will never come back (2009)
                             for viola and guitar (first world performance)

Salvatore Sciarrino           Ai limiti della notte (1979)
                                                (for solo viola)

Bruno Maderna              Y despues(1971)
                                               for chitarra a 10 corde

Luciano Berio                         Naturale  (1985-86)
                                                (extract for viola and tape)

John Cage                  Dream (1948)

                                                for viola and guitar




Viola: Gasparo da Salo’ by Michael Blaurock
Guitars: Alan Wilcox and midi guitar (rmc poly drive IV)
iMac, M Audio, Axon AX 100
Csound, Max/MSP/Jitter and Native Instruments